Sean O’Hair Had Luck On His Side Today
By Stephanie Wei under General

Only 5 weeks ago, Sean O’Hair, the 2009 Quail Hollow Champion, had a 5-stroke lead going into the final round at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. But, he blew it. He choked. He opened the door for another player in reaching distance to seize the moment. And, it was none other than Tiger Woods. In standard “Tiger” fashion, he made one of his mind-blowing comebacks, sinking a 15-foot birdie-putt on the 18th hole for the win.

Although it broke my heart to see O’Hair lose that tournament, I can’t deny that the outcome was exciting. I was impressed with how he maintained a professional and positive attitude despite the disappointment – I called him a real class act.

This week, Tiger found himself on the other side of the stick. You could say that it was Tiger’s to win and he lost it – I mean, I can’t remember the last time that I saw Tiger three-jack after driving the green on a par 4 (as he did today on the 14th hole). He also failed to birdie the next hole, a par 5. Newsflash: OMG, Tiger is actually human!!!

It was sweet justice for O’Hair. Or was it?

You could say that O’Hair was lucky today. He barely held on to win. He finished his round bogey-bogey and three-putted the 18th, no less! It wasn’t exactly the “typical” way to win a tournament. With that said, O’Hair kind of choked. The stars must have been aligned for him on this particular Sunday.

And, even more shocking, Tiger didn’t storm off the course ready to punch the nearest wall in sight. He waited around long enough to congratulate O’Hair – who said “It was cool that he came up and did that. He’s a class act.”

Wow, something really must have been in the air today! Then again, Tiger always plays to win as a true competitor does, and I obviously respect that (and him).

I can’t say that O’Hair didn’t deserve to win – he played 72 holes better than the rest of the field. And, well, a bit of luck never hurts. Either way, hats off to Sean O’Hair and Tiger Woods.