Quail Hollow: The Weekend Picks
By Stephanie Wei under General

Yes, it’s this game again – when I attempt to predict who will make a move in the final two rounds of the Quail Hollow Championship. Or, I’d like to think that it’s more about who I’d like to see make a run for the winner’s circle. From what I’ve gathered over the past two days, the “Green Mile,” the last 3 holes as well as the toughest, will play a major factor in the results. It’s been bogeys and three-jacks (and even 4 if your initials are P.M.) galore. My take is that the players who successfully tackle these holes (or limit the damage control) over the weekend will be in contention.

Without further ado, here are my favorite 6:

  • Retief Goosen: First of all, I’m a big Retief fan. In my opinion, he has one of the smoothest swings on Tour – Nice, smooth and steady. He won the Transitions Championship earlier this year. He’s currently tied for the lead with Bubba Watson. His short game has been stellar this week so far, and he’s putting especially well. He might not be hitting the ball that well, but hey, he’s making up-and-downs and that’s what counts! GOOSE GOOSE GOOSE!
  • Tiger Woods: As much as I hate saying this, he’s going to win. Just a gut feeling. I’ll put money on it. After his disappointing round on Friday, he’s ready to bring his A-game this weekend. Enough said. (Side note: He’s paired with Furyk today – do I really have to watch his heinous swing all day? *Sigh*)
  • Bubba Watson: I like his name. And, he isn’t a fan of slow play. That’s all I need to know. Oh right, also, he’s gunning for his first win on Tour. Yesterday, he spoke about struggling with his mental game. Can he keep it together for 36 more holes? Questionable.
  • Phil Mickelson: He confuses me. He’ll be Phil on Phire, making birdies and incredible up-and-downs left and right. Then, before you know it, one wayward shot, or should I say putt (4 to be exact), leads to a double-bogey on the 17th hole. It’s like a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde act – which Phil will show up this weekend? But, the better question is, what color shirts and belts will he be sporting?
  • Camillo Villegas: I’d love to see Spidey secure his first win of the season. He hasn’t played terribly this year – He has finished in the top-25 five times thus far in ‘09. For some reason, he hasn’t been able to pull together four solid rounds this year. He is only two shots behind the leaders, Goosen and Watson, going into Round 3. I’m crossing my fingers.
  • Danny Lee: The teen phenom has been off the radar this week. But, if you take a look at the leaderboard, you’ll see that he’s very much in contention. He’s at 4-under-par after two rounds. Now that the hype has simmered down, it appears that his nerves have as well. He’s still inexperienced and young, but there’s no doubt he’s got game!

One last thing. I’m not going to lie – I wouldn’t mind seeing another Tiger vs. Phil showdown on Sunday. Raise your hand if you agree. (Hands raised.)