Obama’s Swing VS. Phil’s
By Stephanie Wei under General

I’ve been checking out President Obama’s swing. He plays lefty (as you can see below). Just for fun, let’s compare his swing to a left-handed player on the Tour – Who better to use as an example other than Phil Mickelson…

Let’s take a look at the backswing:

To my amateur eye, Obama’s clubface is surprisingly in a remarkably good position at the top. BUT, here are a few things I noticed.

  • Right wrist is bowed
  • The club looks like it’s too much in his palm as opposed to his fingers
  • Right arm is more steep than his shoulder line
  • Hands are too far behind
  • Lower body looks a little loosy-goosy (he could probably generate more power by coiling more)

All things considered, the fundamentals of Obama’s swing ain’t too shabby! It looks like he gets the club in pretty good positions – albeit, it isn’t too “pretty.”

Is there anything the President isn’t good at? Nothing I’ve come across!

Check out Golf.com’s photo gallery of the Prez’s swing here.