By Stephanie Wei under General

My favorite amenity at the White House has always been the movie theater – that is, until I was browsing through the official Flickr stream and came across this photo. I should have known. I mena, why wouldn’t there be a putting green?

I wonder if President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were having a little skins competition. And, if so, who won? My money is on Biden (and not just because everyone knows “don’t mess with Joe”).

It’s no secret that the VEEP knows his way around the golf course – Biden’s handicap is 8.4 AND he’s ranked T-48 in DC’s Best 200 Golfers, no less! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I hear he’s a member at top-notch Merion Golf Club (among others) in the Philly area. Given that, the Prez is going to have to work extra hard on his game if he even wants a chance at beating his left right-hand man!

Here’s a little tip for a headstart, Mr. President: keep your head down before you’re finished with your follow-through…and, well, I’ll let the pros do their job. Otherwise, looking pretty good!