Gimme Gimme Gimme…GOLF!
By Stephanie Wei under General
  • Dear Cleveland Golf, are you serious?! A camouflage wedge? Say what? Is this an act of “patriotism”? I’m just…speechless. Like Shane Bacon, I might need a cocktail or two after seeing this. [Dogs That Case Cars]
  • Natalie Gulbis is set to appear on the Price Is Right. No, not as a contestant, rather as one of the babes fashion model rejects presenting the prizes. Oh boy. Ryan, are you calling her a…nevermind. [Waggle Room]
  • Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Does she need a new putter? A pink one at that? Enter the contest to win one! If my mom played, I’d do it. [Real Women Golf]
  • Figure out your Douchebag Index (The DBI) during a round of golf! Brilliant! Just imagine if we could calculate the DBIs of some of the guys on Tour. Tempting, huh? Fine, I’ll do it. [Nice Ballz]
  • Phil Mickelson and our favorite former pro golfer turned annoying commentator, Nick Faldo had a little trash-talking conversation. Epic WIN for Phil. [Geoff Shackelford]