By Stephanie Wei under General

Check out last night’s MSNBC interview with Cheyenne Woods. Yes, that’s right – she is related to that phenom golfer, Tiger Woods. Cheyenne is Tiger’s 18-year-old niece who is currently a freshman at Wake Forest College. She’s taking the golf world by storm – already ranked in the top 100 in the college national rankings.

Indeed, it looks like Cheyenne’s inherited some of her uncle’s superpower golfing genes! Their resemblance is absolutely striking. But, she seems to have a much sweeter demeanor, and admits that she’s less intense than Uncle Tiger. No way! I mean, is there anyone out there who can rival Tiger’s ferocity? I’m sure it’s hard to live up to her namesake, but it sounds like she handles it very well. And, in a few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheyenne will be a force to reckoned with on the LPGA Tour.

Watch the video – Little Woods definitely has game!