By Stephanie Wei under General

I actually brought up Coach Karl’s words last night in my head, literally. When he said, you know he said don’t put your head down, just go forward. I can’t remember his exact ones, but all I knew is he looked over at me and said, hey, you’re a hockey player, go kick some butt.

You know, he’s a great guy. I’ve had a lot of fun with him over the years. I think he’s doing fantastic. He’s a great coach. It was just nice of him.

That’s two of my wins to me have been helped out by basketball coaches. Billy Cunningham helped my first win at the Sony. He was my mental guru before I went over there to Jupiter Hills, and George Karl last night kicked me in the butt, so that’s good.

Jerry Kelly on how words of wisdom from George Karl, long-time NBA Basketball Coach, influenced his competitive instincts coming down the final stretch at the Zurich Classic.

I believe it. Karl is a damn good coach, who knows how to get his players fired up. I know that if I needed some inspiration and an extra kick in the booty to get me going, he’d be at the top of the list!