By Stephanie Wei under General

Adam Scott needs a lesson in blogging. Check that. Whoever is doing his ghost-blogging needs one. I get that Adam is a busy guy, and blogging just might not be his thang. So, it comes as no surprise that he has someone do it for him. Not to mention, he’s probably working hard on his game, being that he’s missed the last three cuts. As a fan, I’d like to hear more about about his thoughts on things like that. Or, on behalf of all the ladies, if he’s dating anyone. Who’s not with me on this one?

Check out the latest entry from 4/21. To summarize, Scott hopes we’re all well. He’s heading to Florida to practice and he’s playing in the Tour event next week at the Quail Hollow Championship. He can’t wait to see everyone. He also thanks everyone who participated in the Adam Scott Foundation and Youngcare golf day on Monday. The proceeds will go to buiilding a 24-hour care facility for young people with debilitating injuries on the Gold Coast in Australia.

It’s great to know that Scott’s giving back, and I really respect that he dedicates so much time and effort in his charity work. We should all do our part. But, would it be too much to ask for his ghost-blogger to try to sound more like Adam Scott himself? Oh well, at least he’s hot!

[photo via Getty]