By Stephanie Wei under General

I thought here I am for four days, hour upon hour, just playing beautiful golf and it all boils down to one little chip shot on the 71st hole. I had it up until the last half hour of the golf tournament. I relived it over and over again. I wouldn’t have done it any different. Still the shot to play. I just need to get better at that shot.

Kenny Perry, on his disappointing Masters playoff defeat. [via]

He is the epitome of a gentleman and how a professional athlete should act (Ahem, listen up, Sergio!). Even though this might be remembered as “The Masters where Perry was thisclose to becoming the oldest professional athlete to win a major championship,” it will also be considered as “The Masters where Perry was the most gracious, honorable and inspiring professional athlete to lose a major championship.” In my book, the latter is worth more than a dozen green jackets.