Tiger Woods Gets The Presidential Treatment
By Stephanie Wei under General

Link: Tiger Woods Gets The Presidential Treatment

Tiger Woods was at Congressional Country Club yesterday to promote the third annual AT&T National tournament, a PGA Tour event he hosts.

President Obama overheard that Tiger was “in the area,” and invited him, along with members of the Chicago White Sox, for a little fireside chat. Earlier in the day, the President met with his Cabinet and visited CIA Headquarters. I know you gotta mix it up a bit, but talk about impeccable time-management skills. Is there anything Obama can’t do? He never ceases to amaze – same goes for Tiger, actually. If you really think about it, the two have quite a bit in common. Well, Tiger could take a lesson from Obama on “charisma.”

I wonder what Tiger and the President talked about. The Masters? Swing tips? Politics? The absurdly ridiculously entertaining “Tea-Bag” Protests? The economy? I mean, Tiger is,indeed, Golf’s One Man Stimulus Package (TARP). And, don’t tell me this hasn’t crossed your mind before – he could be the first professional athlete turned VEEP one of these days. Just like you wouldn’t bet against him, would you vote against him?