Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…GOLF!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Here are just a few of my favorite links seen around the inter-webs over the past week.

  • Hey guys, if you aren’t already and could use an ego-boost, use a Gillette razor ‘cause Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are doing it. The golf-shoe joke is one thing, but Tiger dressed as a guido takes it to another level. [Dogs That Chase Cars]
  • Golf fashion has gotten a bad rap over the years. I know, I know, chinos and polos are so hot. But, actually they are (or can be) if you got style! Take up Patricia’s challenge for “The Real Guy’s Golf Style Contest.” [Golf Girl’s Diary]
  • Colin Montgomerie is known for his fuzzy-wuzzy personality. American fans are usually the target for his gripes (Ryder Cup, anyone?). Most recently, his pretentious complaints are directed at Chinese photogs. At least he can explain. [Golf FanHouse]
  • OMG!!! @BooWeekley is on Twitter!!! Watch out, @StewartCink, you have some real competition now. Well, not really, being that it’s either an imposter or a ghost-tweeter. Will the real Boo Weekley please stand up? [Waggle Room]
  • FYI, B-Tuck is on a “business trip” in Scotland, and he wants us to know about all the fabulous things he’s looking forward to. B-T-Dubs, while you’re playing at the Old Course, you should ask what they think about the “women and golf” issue. [Brandon Tucker Blog]