By Stephanie Wei under General

This is the 11th hole at Glendale CC in Bellevue, WA. It has been my home course since I was about 14, circa 1997. It is a beautiful course, ain’t it? I can’t say the same for how I played today, unfortunately! But, I AM SORE. For those of you who say golf isn’t a sport, yeah, that might be true if you’re playing in a cart, otherwise, let’s talk.

Glendale isn’t an easy track, and it sure got the best of me today. I played with Jake of GolfingMyWay (who I took to school – sorry, I had to!). But, he’ll tell you that I was getting “members bounces.” I beg to differ. I like to call it “course management” or plain skillz. Just sayin’!

I didn’t play terrible, considering a gagillion tons of sand had been dumped all over the fairways and the greens had been aerated recently. It was kind of like playing the entire course as a bunker, or as Jake put it, a “litter box!” I mean, at one point, I thought I might start aiming my drives at the rough because I’d probably have a better lie than in the gritty fairways. As for the greens, slow doesn’t even begin to describe them. Who else loves watching their ball bounce two-inches in the air, not once, but several times, as it makes it toward the hole?

Cripes, I’m whining a la Sergio. Don’t get me wrong – Golf + Sun + Great Golf Course = Awesome. I’m just bitter because I three-jacked almost half the holes. Yeah, who hits 70% of greens in regulation and then 3-putts most? I do! I blame…ME. I should have adjusted my “touch” after I hit my first few lag putts 10-feet short of the cup. That’s right, I putted with my purse!!!

This is one of the many reasons I love golf – you never know what you’re going to get out there, and you just have to play with what you got! You know, kind of like life.

Today’s round was just a little tune-up to dust off the rust for the impending face-off that I’ve got planned back in NYC (yeah, I’m talking to you!). And, it was warm enough that I managed to get some sexy golf tan lines.