Back to the LPGA’s "English Only" Proposal
By Stephanie Wei under General

Yesterday, the California Senate announced they voted to make it illegal to hold events requiring participants to speak English. The legislature was provoked by the LPGA Tour’s English-only proposal.

Last August, the LPGA threatened to suspend memberships if players didnt learn English, primarily targeted at the Korean ladies. The argument was that international players who could communicate in English would improve the Pro-Am experience and sponsor relations. Yes, this reasoning holds some weight, but to make it an official rule would have been absolutely ridiculous.

I was under the impression that America was the land of opportunity, a “melting pot,” and a country founded upon principles where immigrants could achieve the “American Dream.” But, what do I know? I guess I can’t understand being that I’m first generation Chinese-American. That B.A. degree in History sure didn’t do me any good either.

I agree that international players should be able to speak some English, but it should be something that they do for themselves  They know that effectively communicating in English would be beneficial to them. They know that interacting with sponsors would improve their chances of getting endorsements. And, from what I hear, they’re making a real effort to improve their language skills with tutors.

PGA players even criticized the English-only policy back in August. Guess who was one of the players that commented on the issue? None other than Angel Cabrera. I think it’s still pretty clear in everyone’s memory that he gave his Master’s acceptance speech in Spanish. Nobody cared.