Brandon Tucker Needs A Refill Of His Crazy Pills!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Brandon Tucker wrote this post arguing that women should pay cheaper green fees than men on the golf course. He makes some fair points. But, only if his audience is directed at Stepford Wives, and if he’s assuming that all “serious” female golfers are lesbians. Guess what? Not all of us are. So, here’s my take:

  • I play from the men’s tees (or a mix depending on the yardage), so I “see” about the same amount of the golf course.
  • I’ve seen men spend way more than women in the pro shop. Men want to look just as “pretty.” And, golf clubs for men and women are the same price. Should women’s clubs be discounted as well?
  • I’ve hit plenty of houses and other fairways in my day, and watched many of my female peers do the same.
  • Women definitely don’t play faster. I would say it’s even. Beginners (both men and women) take much longer to play because they’re taking more shots and their usually not up to speed on pace of play.
  • We do take practice swings and have “pre-shot” routines. Duh! What? We’re not taking it seriously or somehow our husband’s (or male playing partners, what have you) patience is more important than playing good golf? And, only men have blackberries? False. Albeit, we shouldn’t be on our blackberries on the golf course. I’ll admit that I sneak a peak now and again, but still…
  • It’s super cute and all, but please don’t call us “babes.” That’s the only part I found sexist.

Perhaps women should pay more – It evens out the price after the men lose a ton of money to us because they can’t admit how high their handicaps really are. Just sayin’.