By Stephanie Wei under General

In case you missed it, Angel Cabrera and Kenny Perry are tied for the lead at 11-under-par after three rounds of play. Chad Campbell and Jim Furyk are looming closely behind them at 9-under-par and 8-under-par, respectively.

Which one of these guys will be sitting in Butler Cabin come Sunday evening?

I’m sticking to my guns and going with Kenny Perry.  He’s 48 with nothing to lose (relatively speaking), and aside from a few shaky moments today, he’s playing solid golf. More importantly, he’s going into tomorrow with a carefree attitude. Also, just look at the guy. How can you not cheer for him? Every time I see him, I want to give him a big hug! I like Angel Cabrera’s demeanor though; nothing bothers him out there. He’s one chill dude. It’s like, “Alright, next shot, let’s just get this over with so I smoke a cigar.” However, I’m not sure if he has another subpar round left in him. Chad Campbell is DUNZO. Nerves, anyone? He’s played well, but looks like he’s lost his steam. And then, there’s Jim Furyk. Yeeaah…do I really have to watch his swing all day? Fine, I’ll deal with it.

In other news, Phil and Tiger are paired together in the final round, but not at the tee time they would have much rather preferred. They’re both at 4-under-par, 7 shots behind the leaders. This could get..uhh..interesting…or more likely, I have this weird feeling that we’ll be watching the two best players in the world imploding deeper into the abyss also known as Augusta. Sorry guys, I know you’re good, but a 64 on Sunday in the Masters? Puh-lease.