AK Is In Da House!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Anthony Kim blasts his shot out of a bunker in Round 2 of the Masters

…in The Club House, that is, after breaking a course record at Augusta by carding 11 birdies in Round 2 of the Masters!

I wanted to pick Anthony Kim as one to surprise the field. I swear. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t forget his Ryder Cup performance last year! Wasn’t he the unsung hero for the U.S.? And, I would hardly call his play less-than-par in 2009.

But, I got caught up with what the pundits were saying (note to self: go with your gut; not that I claim to be an expert of any sort). People had doubts regarding his youth, his experience, and his lame knee.

Well, looks like we were all wrong.

AK had a swanky swagger to his walk today. Once those putts started dropping, he was unstoppable.

Post-round, he said, “I really don’t know what happened. The putter got hot and my confidence got a little bigger every hole. I made some big putts. [Then] nothing really gets in your way. It’s special.”

Yep, I’d say so. AK is known for his confidence, perhaps some would call him cocky, but that’s precisely why we love him. It’s also why he’s so damn good.