Masters Round 2: Predictions, Observations, What Have You
By Stephanie Wei under General

Yes, I know that Round 2 of the Masters is well under way, but to be fair, I just started watching the coverage online. And, thanks to Winston Wolfe, I feel inspired to post the list of top 5 to watch and top 5 to not.

5 To Watch:

1.) Kenny Perry: His “hook” was made for Augusta (as I mentioned earlier this week), and for once, he’s using it to his advantage.

2.) Rory Mcilroy: I like this kid. No, check that. I love him. Sure, Augusta isn’t always kind to those who haven’t played it before, but Mcilroy is defying the rules. Did anyone else catch that eagle on #13? Amazing. He stays so calm and collected. How the heck is this kid 19??? It’s almost an understatement to say that he is mature beyond his years.

3.) Geoff Ogilvy: He’s been my favorite to be fitted for the Green Jacket on Sunday; mostly for reasons of making the “smart” pick. He shot a quiet one-under-par 71 yesterday, and this is why I like him. He’s setting himself up for a surge this weekend. Mark my words.

4.) Chad Campbell: OK, this isn’t fair because he’s in the clubhouse already, but I would’ve predicted that he’d have another strong showing today. I swear.

5.) Tiger Woods: So far, he seems rather baffled by the greens and wind patterns at Augusta, but he’s still right in the thick of the leaderboard. Is he going to win it all?! I wish I could lie and say he won’t, but look, would you bet against him? Real money? No way. Also, you have to keep in mind, this is Tiger. He’s known to creep up the leaderboard, and next thing you know, he’s a putt away from winning.

5 To Not:

1.) Phil Mickelson: He’s lost. He’s out of his element. I think his early exit last week got to his head. As much as I’d like to see Lefty in contention on Sunday, he’s just not there.

2.) Sergio Garcia: See above.

3.) Camillo Villegas: Man, I’d love to see him play well, or even just make the cut. All the high hopes, all the potential, all the hype. Has the pressure been to much for him? I wouldn’t pin him as the type, but…he’s been struggling. I hope his luck changes for the better soon.

4.) Mike Weir: I’m a fan. That’s why it’s been so tough for me to see him scramble. He carded a 4-under-par 68 yesterday. I want to say that he’ll keep up the good play (I mean, he does have a green jacket on his resume). But, he’s going to feel the pressure of making the cut and and the slow collapse is going to commence as he makes he way toward Amen Corner. Just a bad gut feeling.

5.) Fred Couples: This pains me. Seriously. It breaks my heart to say this, but he just didn’t bring his game to Augusta. Perhaps last Sunday was too draining for him.

Side note: Anthony Kim decided to show up and play, today. This might make up for Freddie’s disappointing performance. Nevermind, it won’t. But still, how can you not love AK’s potential and swagger? And, that belt buckle?