Gimme Golf: Heard Around The Blogosphere
By Stephanie Wei under General
  • It’s Gary Player’s last appearance at the Masters. We’ll miss his health tips, his competitive attitude, and most of all, his tact. [Waggle Room]
  • Anyone up for an impromptu Masters pool? How does a bracket style format a la teams sound? Pretty good. And they call golf an individual sport. [Tyler Riewer’s Tumblr]
  • The high-rollers of Augusta National are digging in their own pockets to subsidize the loss of corporate sponsorships. How generous! [Huff Post]
  • John “trainwreck” Daly claims he’s changed and ready to play professional golf again. Cripes! [Golf Fanhouse]
  • Sergio Garcia may not be a favorite to win this week, but he sure is hot! [Golf Girl’s Diary]