Fred Couples Shows He’s Still Got Game!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Play this week’s at the Shell Houston Open at Redstone Golf Club hasn’t been ideal, to say the least. It’s never fun, but you gotta play with the cards you’re dealt, right?

Suspended play. Tough weather and playing conditions. Long days. No big deal; at least not for Freddie Couples.

Freddie sure isn’t playing like a seasoned PGA Tour vet who is nearing his 50th birthday. He’s currently tied for SECOND PLACE (after 45 holes)!!! I couldn’t be more excited (especially because he’s always been a source of inspiration for me), and I’m sure my elation is shared by many other fans.

There’s been quite a bit of banter about Freddie moving on to the Champions Tour. Sure, he’s getting to that age and he struggles with back pain, but he’s showing everyone this week that he’s still got game.

However, the question now is: can he sustain it for the next 27 holes? I’m going to take a leap and say, yes, he can. Freddie is playing better than he has in quite a while. The odds might be against him, but he has the momentum and the fan support. Also, he obviously knows and likes the golf course – he finished T4 last year.

Not to mention, during Wednesday’s press conference, Couples compared the similarities between Redstone and Augusta, emphasizing how playing this week was a good tune-up for the much anticipated Master’s next week. And, we all know about Freddie’s love affair with Augusta.

How great would it be to see Freddie finish at the top of the leaderboard tomorrow? It would be mind-blowing. It would be exciting. It would be pretty damn awesome.