Should Caddies Be "Miked" During Tournaments?
By Stephanie Wei under General

The latest buzz in golf and the PGA Tour (aside from Tiger Woods’ win last week) is miking caddies on TV. I love this idea. I’ve always wished we could hear more of what was going on during and between shots. It’s like a baseball fan wanting to know what the pitcher is saying at mound meetings, but at least you can see what the catcher is calling. Big boom mikes can get close enough to listen in on football huddles, baseball dugouts, and basketball benches, which engages the audience and enhances the viewer experience. It’s like you’re THERE!

The dialogue between players and caddies is definitely worth broadcasting. It would provide more interesting content during the telecasts and draw more fans to tune in. Here’s why:

  • Bring light to the personalities of both the players and the caddies – many of whom are engaging characters
  • Gives insight to how and what they’re thinking which will enhance viewer knowledge and offer an interactive learning experience for golfers
  • Shows the complexities of the game (there are more decisions to be considered than most would think)
  • Makes the tournaments more fun to watch

Point being, we’re interested in what the players and caddies have to say; whether it’s about which club to play, how to play a challenging/risky shot, or just their every day banter. Many of these guys have star-quality and viewers should get to see that side of them. The public generally perceives golf pros and their caddies as boring and mundane. Providing the audience with bits of their conversations will help change this image.

I’m not saying that microphones should be used to turn the players and caddies into reality show trainwrecks. There are some important questions that need to be considered. One being which caddies should wear microphones. Second being control and monitoring over what should or shouldn’t be heard. I mean, can you imagine if Tiger’s caddy, Steve Williams, was miked and the conversation was unfiltered? All I have to say is: EARMUFFS!

Joking aside, fans (and not just golf fans) would love to hear the exchange between Tiger and Stevie while they’re mulling over how to play a crucial shot. How great would it have been if we could have caught what was discussed before Tiger made his birdie putt on the 72nd hole to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational?! Enough said.