By Stephanie Wei under General

I was giddy when I found @stewartcink on Twitter last week! I was able “follow” his insights on how he played (like the update above), which club he chose, and what he did in between rounds of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Cink periodically tweeted about hockey and March Madness, weather updates on the conditions and discussed his preference on Trucks. Get this, he also enjoys celebrity gossip!

I’m a fan of Cink, and following his tweets only made me love him more. He’s a funny guy.

Why aren’t more PGA, LPGA and Nationwide Tour players on Twitter? They should be encouraged to start. It’d be a simple social media strategy to increase their online presence – which would be beneficial to both the individual players and the game. Why? Here are a few thoughts:

-Generate a larger fan following for golf.

-Increase interaction and discussion with fans

-Platform to share their opinions and passions

-Make them more relatable and showcase their personalities

-Build their brand and public profile

Come one, come all! I can’t wait to “follow” more Pros on Twitter!