Class Act: O’Hair Stays Positive Despite Heartbreaking Loss
By Stephanie Wei under General

Even if you’re playing to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational, a major professional tournament, like Sean O’Hair was today, you have to concentrate on your own game. Without a doubt, all eyes were on Tiger Woods to stage the mind-blowing comeback that he did. O’Hair had all the odds stacked against him. And, it couldn’t have been easy playing with Tiger in the final round, but he maintained a professional attitude about the disappointing outcome.

During the press conference, O’Hair said, “It’s not like it’s The Tiger Show and I’m just out there to watch him. And I think that’s the one thing the media thinks about the guys out here, and it’s not about that. We’re trying to win golf tournaments, and he just happens to be that good. But just because he’s good doesn’t mean we’re out there watching him.  And then obviously on that putt I was expecting him to probably make it […] You know, I was out there trying to win a golf tournament out there, and I just think sometimes the media tries to make it, hey, we’re just out here and Tiger is just kind of doing his thing. I mean, we’re all, including Tiger, trying to win a golf tournament. And that’s it.”

Well said.

O’Hair lost this one, but it happens. In awe of Tiger’s dramatic victory, everyone seems to have disregarded that O’Hair has THREE top-5 finishes in 2009 already. I’d keep an eye out for O’Hair to win his third PGA tournament in the next few weeks; perhaps even as soon as the Masters.