By Stephanie Wei under General

Golf fashion has gotten a bad rap for years.  During my competitive golf days, I couldn’t wait to ditch the bland polos and unflattering shorts/slacks after the round.  But, thanks to the new generation of young golfers, like Camilo Villegas, who have both game and style, clothing sponsors are designing more appealing gear.  It’s about time.

Villegas is setting a good precedent for golf fashion (albeit it’s a tad too European for most).  He never hesitates to drop into his trademark “Spidey” move on the putting green, where he kneels into a half-squat, half-pushup position to drop his eyes to almost green level.  And what about those biceps that just make women swoon (myself included)?

I’m satisfied with watching a beautiful swing, but sadly, it’s sometimes not enough for fairweather fans.  Point being, players like Villegas are attracting a wider fan base to the Tour.