The Time I Beat My Dad At Golf
By Stephanie Wei under General

TourGolfBlog posed the question today: Do You Remember The First Time You Beat Your Dad..At Golf?

I actually do remember this occasion. I was around 12. My step-father and I were playing at Bellevue Muni (where I learned how to hustle golfers at an early age; thank you to all parties responsible). I can’t remember what I shot exactly, but it was a spectacular score for me at the time. It was the first time I broke 90. I vaguely recall the score of 84. It was a huge break-through for me.

Instead of feeling crushed and embarassed that his teeny-bopper daughter had annihilated him, my step-father couldn’t have been more giddy and proud of me. There was no turning back. Fourteen years later, I can count the times he beat me on one hand after that glorious day. 😉